Funrama #2 screenshot from today.
It kills me really. Comics. How can a comic be 90% done for a year now and still not be done?  FUNRAMA #2 in all sense of reality, is done, and yet, but still, it’s not done. I’m working all day and night, I swear. It’s written by me: I apologize.
And it’s not even “The Big Thing”  happening right now. The big thing is that I’m on the precipice of launching my first weekly free webcomic, possibly in one week. One week I say. That’s how serious I am. It’s called COCOTTE. It’s a frank, humorous, and often soul-crushing look into the world of cuisine and the professional kitchen environment, as well as a love letter to life in Minneapolis. Written by Kat Vapid. I’m not going to waste your time: This comic is going to be good, I promise. Good like a red wine-braised lamb shank with polenta. More VERY soon. Preview art and such.
That’s not even it, really. SAUCER COUNTRY is coming. It’s written by Paul Cornell. Look for a Vertigo preview in your stores in early February and the #1 issue in March. And I’m working on other comic projects. There’s a series I’m working on with a certain writer you might know. Unfortunately, it’s become a white whale.  I don’t know when it will ever happen and I wish it would happen yesterday. And! Another miniseries I’m starting with another certain writer that will melt your face off but I still have to draw it.
My biggest concern of possible surgery is that it will mess up my schedule. I just want to draw. 
Please don’t give up on me, stuff is coming.