1. I really need to start blogging again, but I just haven’t been "into it". I’m mostly just tired and withdrawn.  

    I finally finished up THE NEW YORK FIVE, and now I’m quickly trying to knock down a bunch of odd jobs as well as getting the next issue of FUNRAMA off the ground. Funrama Presents #2. This issue will feature Raccoon, as seen here with her friends Flora and Freakshow. These are just preliminary costume designs, trying to get it all right before I draw the pages.  After this, I move onto the “serious” projects.  No one is exactly beating down the door for me to draw superheroes, so FUNRAMA is a way for me to get those superhero spasms out of my system. I’ve been drawing these characters since I was 11. So this *#$% IS REAL.

    I’ll have a 9-page Preview of Funrama Presents #2: Raccoon at MN SPRINGCON , then the full 32-page book will be available for mail-order later in the year.

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